How Lucky We Are….

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*Warning….this song contains the s-word

Meiko – How Lucky We Are

First off I apologize for the S-word in the song. I really do. This song has honestly been one of my favorites since I heard it. It’s melancholy feel sings to me on a rough day. We can work so hard to achieve something and still fall short. Our timing doesn’t usually line up with the Lord’s timing; well in my case it never really has. We’re always thinking about “Someday.” This has been my trial as of late. I have truly worked as hard as I know how to achieve that next step. I’ve loved our crummy little apartment more than anything in this world. I’ve made friends here that will be friends forever. I have grown as a person here more than I could ever have imagined. Most of all I have had my sweetheart with me here the entire time. Her support for me has been unwavering. I can’t help but think how lucky we are…even though we’re still in this crummy* apartment. I dream of offering my girl something more, and when it seemed to be in sight….it seems God may just have different plans for us. We might just have to take 5 steps back in hope that eventually we’ll move 8 steps ahead…or something like that.

Everyone who knows me knows I’ve had health issues over the last…well 7 or 8 years that I have allowed to hinder my progress. I’ve managed to keep a job and, in my opinion, excel at what I’ve been assigned given the circumstance I’ve had to fight through. Now, when my health is finally where we have been hoping it would be, it’s disheartening to think of starting over in a way. Though I love this crummy little apartment, I want to make that next step, and when my health finally allows me to progress, I might just hit a wall and get to start over again.

One thing is sure: I have an amazing wife, one who, no matter what the situation, makes it easy to say “How Lucky We Are!” though, I can’t wait till that morning comes where we can get in the car and go anywhere we want to go 🙂

I promise a happy post is to follow.


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