Back in the Swing of Things – Michael Jackson Tributes

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Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I’ve written anything. That is because I’ve had a lot of big ideas on changing the way i do this. Eventually this blog will become a place where i simlply blog about my family, my thoughts, and perhaps some of my opinions. Eventually the music portion will be covered in another blog, and website I am working on building. There are some exciting things in the works there but for now, just to get back in the swing of things will give you a song for the and hopefully recapture some of you readers. Again comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

I’m a big Michael Jackson fan…I know…to many it’s unpopular, but I do have some opinions on the dubject, and most of them are sympathetic toward the king of pop. For now I’ll stick to the music though. There are two great covers out for you guys to check out.

First James Morrison just released a great cover of “Man in the Mirror” one of my all time favorite songs. In fact this year’s American Idol won me over on his first televised performance with it. Let me know what you think.

James Morrison – Man in the Mirror

(Kris Allen’s Idol Performance)

(Kris Allen’s Home Performance)

Another great tribute cover is by one of my rising favorites in music. A talented and heartfelt singer/songwriter David Ryan Harris singing “The Way You Make Me Feel”

David Ryan Harris – The Way You Make Me Feel (The King of Pop is Gone)

Check it out and let me know in comments what you think. Also I’d loveto hear your thoughts, good and bad about Michael Jackson.


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The Guess Who

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I’ve decided I’m going to start featuring a few of of my favorite bands and artists young and old.

When I hear “The Guess Who” I am instantly in our family’s yellow boat cruising through some beautiful canyon at Lake Powell.  Most of the folks of my generation will know the song “American Woman” through the cover version done by Lenny Kravitz.

Here are some songs that you can now confuse your friends with these songs by using the statement (that sounds more like a question) “Guess Who sings this.”

The Guess Who – American Woman

These Eyes (I think Benton Paul should cover this one.  What do you guys think?)

She’s Come Undone

The Guess Who – Laughing

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Today I stumbled on a song that isn’t necessarily new but it’s definately creative.  I’ll keep it simple, the band is Obadiah Parker, and they have done a folk-acoustic cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya.  I think it’s pretty good. At least listen to it until it gets to the breakdown (shake it like a Polaroid picture)null 

Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya


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